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The TUS Committee

Note: our founder has initiated and is leading the following collaborative committee, which is focused on developing a culture-tailored Time Use Survey for dementia caregivers in Kuwait and the region. While this committee is driven by our founder's initiative and leadership, it operates autonomously and is not under the direct ownership or control of Haus. It remains fully independent operationally and in its decision-making processes.

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Shaikha AlOthman

Founder & CEO, Haus of Care

Shaikha began a career in public health 14 years ago under the leadership of WHO-associate Dr Kazem Behbehani, who was the Director-General of the Dasman Diabetes Institute in Kuwait at the time.

Today, Shaikha is a health-systems social entrepreneur & researcher. After working on the $16M government-funded national plan for obesity & NCD mitigation in Kuwait, she founded a creative nonprofit for health promotion and then went on to fund a number of small businesses, social & for-profits. She focuses on researching and creating AI-powered smarter systems for senior and home care environments with a focus on family and homecare. Her work has been recognised by Weill Cornell Medicine, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),  the National Science Foundation, Dubai Future Foundation as well as by MIT Technology Review as an Innovator Under 35. She was also honored by the US Department of State and Kuwait's Ministry of Foreign Affairs amongst other recognitions and accolades.


Dr. Danah K. AlTarrah, Ph.D

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Public Health, Kuwait University

Dr. Danah AlTarrah is a public health academic who serves as an Assistant Professor at Kuwait University's Faculty of Public Health, where she develops and teaches courses in social and behavioral sciences. With an academic background in paediatric nutrition and child health in the Arabian Gulf region, Dr. AlTarrah is adept at using qualitative and quantitative research methods in epidemiological studies and public health surveillance. She explores behavioral patterns and lifestyle choices and captures the social dynamics in Kuwait and the region. She is also adept in developing culturally appropriate interventions.

Committing to public health education, she actively develops and teaches to promote healthier lifestyles and preventive strategies against childhood obesity. She works not only to gather data but also to inform effective policy and community-based strategies.

Dr AlTarrah holds a PhD in Child Health from University College London (UCL), a Masters in Clinical & Public Health Nutrition from UCL, and a bachelor's in human nutrition from King's College London.

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Dr Eman Abahussein, MD

Head of Kuwait Healthy Cities, Abdullah Al-Salem Area

A leader in public health and community engagement, Dr Abahussein leads the Healthy Cities Initiative for the Abdullah Al-Salem area –– committing to improving social determinants such as education, security, social connections, environment, and health services.

Under her leadership, the Abdullah Al-Salem area was recognized as a Global Healthy City by the World Health Organization in 2022. 

Dr. Abahussein is an advocate for community involvement and empowerment, particularly among women. Her efforts extend beyond health to encompass a broader vision of societal wellbeing and cohesion, as well as health policy and community initiatives, integrating global health strategies with local cultural and social contexts to achieve public health outcomes through holistic and inclusive approaches.

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