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What we do
We innovate for professional caregivers, memory care operators, and family caregivers 

Professional Caregivers

Use our resident-matching model to

  • Get paid by the residents you care for directly! 

  • Foster a closer relationship with the residents.

  • Get compensated with an auto-calculated weekly fee. Algorithm-driven, & based on the tasks you choose to do.

  • Pre-select and/or anticipate what your tasks are. No surprises or overlooked labor!


*Las Vegas-based care providers only

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Memory Care Operators

Facility operators can use Haus for

  • Data-analytics for staffing expenses. And hassle-free payroll!

  • Happier care providers, with a fairer pay-scheme.

  • Lower employee turnover

  • Fostering a warmer relationship between care providers, residents and their families.


*Las Vegas-based care facilities only

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Family Caregivers

Our research and experience in Public Health has shown us very clearly that family caregiving deserves to be an expertise of its own.


We also know that the best, most compassionate source of support a family caregiver often receives is from other caregivers who have seen and lived a very similar situation.


Support groups are the bloodline of support for family caregivers.

This is why we host weekly support groups on Clubhouse, accessible to anybody in the US or in the world!


Fridays 2PM Eastern time/11AM Pacific time

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