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About us

What is Haus?
Haus is a pre-PMF (product-market-fit) startup looking for the best and easiest way to support children, spouses and family member of people with chronic conditions, aka family caregivers, in a sustainable way.

Who do we work with?  (Our stakeholders)

The stakeholders that we work with include but are not limited to:

  • family members of people with chronic disease

  • professional caregivers and home aides

  • social workers & case managers

  • senior care facilities, including memory care units

Our why

Why are we doing this? Because family caregivers are an expertise of their own, are an asset and resource that remains to be overlooked by the healthcare system. The gems of the learnings in family caregiving are yet to be captured by the healthcare system at large.

We think that as much as family caregiving is ousted by the current system, it remains to be a greenfield for innovation. 


These two are the seeds that initiated Haus of Care.

What have we done so far?

Pilot 1 – Virus cafe social mixer

Pilot 2 – Support network for family caregivers

Pilot 3 – Connecting family caregivers with care providers in facilities

Pilot 4 – Connecting dementia behavior specialists with family caregivers

What is a pre-PMF startup?

Because, as with any startups looking for PMF (a financially sustainable model), we need iteration to identify the missing links in any system or industry. 

We believe that social startups need runway – enough space where such design iterations are allowed to breathe and happen. We believe that in venture philanthropy, the pre-PMF runway must be more generous than in a non-social venture would need.

We're telling you what we did to inspire/encourage you if you're in the space of caregiving, and to encourage you to see social startups in a different light if you are in a position of support.

Why a social for-profit?

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